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3-Ingredient Froyo Pop Recipe Is A Summer Treat Your Burbank Dentist Approves Of! | Air Dental

It can be tough finding healthy treats that your dentist would actually approve of, especially in the summer! Treats like ice cream, popsicles, lemonades, and cold sodas are great for cooling off, but they are absolutely loaded with sugar, which we all know can wreak havoc on our teeth. In fact, added sugar makes many so-called “healthy” treats remarkably unhealthy. A prime example is the ever popular frozen yogurt: froyo sellers like to claim their product is very healthy, b

Burbank Residents Ask: How Can I Keep My Smile Healthy and Bright This Summer? | Air Dental

Summer is for sun, fun and smiles! Keep away tooth decay and keep your smile healthy and bright with these summer smile tips, for you and your entire family! Stick to a Routine | Brush and Floss Daily With vacations, reunions, social events and more, it can be easy to fall off routine during the summer. But no matter how busy or eventful your summer gets, it’s important to keep to routine for yourself and for your kids. Make a point to set aside a few minutes at the beginning

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